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Dr JovasterWitcher


Elect Lady Darlene Witcher

Dr. Jovaster Witcher is a native of Waco, Texas. He surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at an early age, and has been preaching the Gospel since he was eighteen years old. He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Christian Fellowship, Inc. that was birth in January of 1993. Dr. Witcher is married to the former Darlene Swain.They have been successfully married for 33 years, and are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters, Desiree, Dominique, Jocelyn, and Jasmine, who all serves in the Ministry. He also celebrates the birth of his  grandchildren, Serenity Mariah Gipson  and Desean Marcel Gipson  from the union of his daughter Desiree and Son-in-Law Timothy Gipson.


The New Life Christian Fellowship and the Witchers have impacted the city of Waco, through the Spirit of Love Preschool, Agape Christian Academy, Speak the Word School of Ministry, and Outreach Ministries. Dr. Witcher serves as a covenant pastor of The Covenant Connection International (CCI) under the leadership of his father in the faith, Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb. He also serves in the communities in the city of Waco as a Chaplain of Market Place Ministries, a ministry that minister in the workforce, businesses, and hospitals,were he has served over sixteen years.


Dr. Witcher's education includes: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management (McLennan Community College - Waco, Texas), Bachelor of Science in Administrative Office Management (Paul Quinn College - Dallas, Texas), Masters Degree in Biblical Studies, Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Counseling (Minnesota Theological Seminary), and The Sonship School of The First Born, Killeen, Texas, under the leadership of  Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb.


Dr. Witcher's passion, inspiration, and calling for the teaching ministry leads to the special anointing of mentoring to many ministers and church leaders through a gentleness of love and faith. It is with this passion and pursuit that Dr. Witcher endeavors to advance the Kingdom of God by developing and equipping, the people of God to grow unto the fullstatue of Christ's, a call to sonship."Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ...."II Corinthians 2:14

Elect Lady Darlene Swain Witcher is a native of Texas, and was reared under the Pentecostal wing of the COGIC. She accepted the Lord Jesus at age 16. It was during her teenage years the Lord began speaking in her heart about a teaching ministry, and for years she taught the primary children’s ministry.

After moving to Waco, Elect Lady Darlene Witcher met and married Dr. Jovaster G. Witcher, in their union, they have four beautiful daughters, Desiree Gipson, Dominique , Jocelyn, and Jasmine . She also celebrates the birth of her  grandchildren, Serenity Mariah Gipson and Desean Marcel Gipson from the union of her daughter Desiree and Son-in-Law Timothy Gipson.


It is God that has truly been our “Shield and Buckler.” It is our thanks to Him that we are always able to triumph. Elect Lady Darlene and Dr Jovaster G Witcher have celebrated 33 years of a beautiful marriage. “What therefore God hath join together, let no man put asunder.” (Mark 10:9)

She has held numerous of positions through the years: Administrator of Spirit of Love Preschool, Speak the Word School of Ministry, Agape Academy, secretary, chairman, young women president, and many more. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Psychology, and in Biblical Teachings, a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling, and she is also a graduate of Sonship of the Firstborn School of Ministry-Killeen, Texas. It is her sincere approach in the word of God that breaths a special anointing upon her life. She believes that God is always about enriching and increasing the lives of His people. She also believes that there is never a void that heaven can not fill, nor a heart that God’s love can not enter.

Her Motto: The principles of addition will always come before the process of multiplication.

Her Theme in Life: Love is NOT a second hand emotion, but a first-class relationship.

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