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In the Year of 1993, Pastor Jovaster Witcher, was called by the inspiration of God to launch a ministry ordained by God to under-shepherd God’s people. Along with his wife Darlene,  Four daughters, Desiree, Dominique, Jocelyn, Jasmine, Evangelist Othalene Trotter (his mother), and Sarenson Trotter (his brother) begin having bible study on Thursday nights and Sunday morning at the East Waco Multi-Purpose Center in Waco, Texas.

As a result of their obedience to God’s great commission, that is to go teach, baptize and make disciples, there began to be an increase in attendance during the weekly services.  This increase included families of all ethnicities whose lives were being touched and transformed through the ministry of the word of God.

Pastor Jovaster and Darlene Witcher continued to pursue the vision of God that is to proclaim Jesus Christ, as being the head of the Church and the manifested word of God. As they continued teaching the word of God this ministry continued to grow rapidly. As a result of this, a multi-cultural congregation was birth.


In January 1995, through continued obedience and faithfulness the Lord blessed New Life Christian Fellowship with a larger facility known as the Spirit of Love Assembly of God Church now the New Life Christian Fellowship, Inc.


In 1996 New Life Christian Fellowship acquired the Spirit of Love Preschool, later Agape Academy, and began Speak the Word School of Ministry, a bible school within the Church. Truly this has been the Lord’s doing and it has been marvelous in our eyes. In August 2005, the Church burned its mortgage and two other properties note, officiated by Bishop Nate Holcomb of the Christian House of Prayer, Killeen/Copperas Cove, Texas.



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