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New Member

Whether you are a new member or a visitor, we are truly excited that you are here.


New Life Christian Fellowship desire is to make your Worship experience with us very rewarding. We understand being new to the ministry, you will have questions. We are committed to making every member feel connected as they experience the love that has covered us through challenged times, celebrated with us and stood with us in all the moments in between.


New Life Fellowship believes "The Word Still Works". Dr. Witcher's love for God's Word and conviction to teaching and preaching the Word have provided foundation for many testimonies.


Friendly  New Life Christian Fellowship strives to be a 'visitor friendly' church. We were once visitors so we know how it feels on a first visit. The services are practical and meaningful.


Bible-based, Christ-centered

When you visit, you will meet people who, just like you, sincerely want to follow the teachings of the Bible and please God with their lives. You will find out that the Word is based on the Bible. In fact, members and visitors are encouraged to bring their own Bibles and follow along. We seek to exalt Christ in our songs, prayers and lives .


Everyone is Welcome

You will find members of all races, educational backgrounds, and economic levels feel comfortable in our services. We mean it when we say, 'Everybody is welcome!


What To Expect

Expect a service that is aimed at directing your attention to God. As we gather to worship God every part of our worship service is oriented towards Him. Expect to find a church family where all people are valued and cared for. We highly value our children and during Sunday Service we offer children’s ministry for those who are old enough for it - though you are also welcome to keep your children with you throughout the service.


Expect to hear God’s Word. We desire to listen carefully to God’s Word, both when it is read and when it is preached upon. We believe that the primary way that God speaks to His people is through His Word written and so we give time and attention to it in our services.


Welcome to "New Life!"


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